I like them chunky

I’m referring to my heels… obviously! I’m sure you’ve seen how I like my men 😉.

I work in the CBD. Aside from the insane convenience of being able to knock off most of your weekend errands over lunch during the week, there’s a down side… the side walks aren’t kind to the heels 😩. My wearable heels are down a cool 50%. Serious stuff.

So, since I’m not giving up heels, I’m just switching to chunky heels. They just last longer for day to day use, right?

Here are two recent additions that I love love 😍!

Outfit deets below.

*this child won’t let me prosper 😐

Top & Jacket: Thrift

Choker: Gift

Tights: Mr Price

Shoes: @shoerackkenya (IG)

Hair: @jaelhairlicious (IG)

Chain: Mr Price

Top: @max_style_min_effort (IG)

Skirt: @vogue.empire (IG)

Shoes: Gift

P.S… I own other hand bags, promise. This was just a coincidence 😁

Stay cute!




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