Yummy mummy starter kit

Gone are the days when my fashion decisions were governed by how quickly I could pop a boob out to feed the kiddo. When shame was nothing and my tittays were on display. When I’d look at cute clothes without buttons or zips with longing. Gone are the days! Can I get an amen?

My bunny has somewhat become one of my accessories… like that handbag you carry (almost) everywhere. I just love dressing her up in cute stuff and watching her reactions to new places. The random things that excite her… grass, birds in the sky, all the cutlery on the table… she just wants to eat ALL these things!

So we’ve learned to push all cutlery to the opposite side of the table and put all food further than (her) arms length. It comes naturally now. It’s the same with dressing up for an afternoon out with her… there are DON’Ts that I (try to) live by. It’s important to stay cute but functional when you have a little terrorist on your hip.

My tips go something like this:

  1. Jewellery: Studs are best. Little terrorists tug, pull and eat all hanging objects. If the studs are super shiny, they’ll try eat those too. The same applies to chains (chokers are best) and arm candy.
  2. Hair: Keep it up…or back. Embrace buns and and corn rows. My bunny has eaten way too many of my braids, which is what she was about to do below. That’s an example of a day I got so many things wrong… the pig tails, the earrings, sunnies where she can grab them! post-ciku3 * now here I was a little smarter 🙂
  3. Clothes: The less embellished, the better. I have this sequin jumper that baby girl goes to town on. I’m sure I’ve lost a sequin or two to her. She also took out a stud on my tee with her (4 little) teeth. Oh and be prepared for lots of saliva and possibly food stains.
  4. Shoes: Needless to say, keep it comfy. My New Balance trainers are my staples. BUT every now and then, just throw on those heels and feel yourself. Here the heels were tiring but worth it… felt all kinds of yummy! The neck piece though…. blunder!
  5. Lippie: I rarely go out without lippie so if you’re anything like me, just try and keep it matte so you don’t have to hold off on them kisses!



There you go! Don’t leave the kiddo at home :)! Stay cute





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