Scraps and a muse

Needless to say, I would have been thrilled whether I had a boy or a girl. But I had a girl. The cutest damn girl in the world. And she inspired a new hobby… or rather a different version of an old hobby. DIY.

Isn’t Pinterest one of the best places to be on the world wide web? So I’ve been scouring for tiny, none time consuming projects I can do for my bunny. All of my searches included ‘no sew’. For my first little project I made her a headband that only required an old t shirt (S/O to baby daddy for the donation) and a pair of scissors 😆!



Cut 2 one inch thick strips (across the t shirt)


Tug the ends of each strip


Make a *celtic knot (*see below)

044d9358a64250daf5075642e69876da (1)


 And done!!

Now, I try not to take it personally but my ‘hard’ work pretty much went to waste. Anything she can take off her head…she WILL, sigh. But at least I got one pic 😆


And the rest of the t shirt? Well…. I guess it’s yours now.


Past experience didn’t stop me! I made another one!! This time it was cause I was gifted a glue gun (yaaaaas baby daddy). And I had to try it out… With my favourite muse… and a little scrap fabric from a tee I decided to crop.

Folks, I WILL learn how to make something other than toto headbands… but my muse *may (*probably will) remain the same though 🙂





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