Back to business

The business of clothes I mean. I’m 4 and a half months post partum and boy does it feel good to be wearing pretty clothes again! Still a few bumps here and there so I can’t fit into everything yet but… progress.

First allow me to salute the mummies out there juggling families and careers AND still keeping it cute. That shit ain’t easy. Nobody walks out of the hospital looking like Kate Middleton except Kate Middleton! She didn’t wake up like dis… nah ah. People are paid good money to make that happen. So just for today, the mummies I’m saluting are the regular girls staying cute.

Ok back to why we’re here. In my previous post I told y’all I’m in crisis. Well I’m still finding my footing but I have one new obsession. Milking my (kinda) statement pieces. Yes yes, girls have been doing this for ages, I know.

I mean like this amazing dress/jacket. Worn with the same shoes but still totally different looks. I wore it as a dress to a wedding and as a jacket to Christmas lunch and I love it both ways. AND there’s still at least a couple more ways to wear it. It’s just so classy.

I’ll be sure to feature the more casual version soon.




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