In crisis

When I started this blog it was more so that I could have a fashion diary of sorts… pictures of my style and its evolution. And so far that’s what it has been. But now, 2 months postpartum I find myself with nothing to post. All I wear are button down tops and shirts… loose fitting tees… leggings… Nothing cool or fashion forward about that. My days are filled indoors with an assortment of this and onesies… cause my princess is too small for all the super cute outfits at Baby Shop.

So I fill the empty fashion hole in my heart with old episodes of Project Runway (it’s one of my favourite shows) and an Instagram (@misstiramisu) timeline of local and international fashion bloggers. Not the most exciting time for a clothes lover such as myself :(.

The other day while princess slumbered (good times 😉 ) I decided to rummage through my 2 trash bags of pre-bump clothes (had to make space in my closet for clothes that stretched as far as my bump) and I realised I don’t really like most of that stuff. It’s like in the few months I couldn’t wear it, it became more of an out of sight out of mind rather than absence makes the heart grow fonder thing.

Now I have 2 options… no, 3. Get a brand new wardrobe (very unlikely…unless you’re offering beautiful, free shit), alter as many pieces as I can ooor just deal and learn to love them again. This is the crisis. Maybe it’s time for a style evolution. But evolve to what or who? I have a month to decide. The prospect is exciting though.





  1. Wow…couldn’t agree with you more!its like you read through my mind when I was at that stage as well. Finding fashionable clothes to wear or just fitting clothes for baby is a tall order! am also a sucker for fashion and at some point I felt like i could tailor clothes for myself and baby. As you gradually get a new wardrobe you may want to invest more in vest tops, strapless maxi-dresses, chiffon blouses, pilot/denim shirts, boyfriend shirts, low-neck crop tops and stretch cotton low-neck tops. Hope this helps

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