Bump bump bump

Picking an outfit to wear can be hard enough… now try doing it with a big round bump smack in the middle of your body (the part you’re used to being the skinniest might I add)… that’s called a challenge. At 5″3, it doesn’t take much for me to look like a little ball-like person, okay? Then they throw in the fact that I have to wear flats (I miss my sweet heels 😦 )!

We’ve seen preggers celebs killing it on red carpet (Blake Lively…seriously wtf?)… And then there’s anomalies like Kourtney Kardashian who should probably stay pregnant all her life. Who’s that short and looks that damn good pregnant?!

I’ll tell you this… it ain’t cute everyday BUT it can be fun. It’s different… I mean, you get to flaunt a big belly and it’s okay lol.

I work for an advertising agency so a tee and jeans qualify as work clothes… small mercies! They don’t make very many, bump-friendly, pretty official clothes by the way. Ok, truth is I haven’t looked that hard. BTW I don’t own any maternity clothes… I just wear my loose fitting and stretch pre-bump stuff, and been getting some pieces that are a size up from my usual.

Anyway, so here’s a little from this and last week…. work and weekend. Just clocked 8 months :). Mostly casual with print. Comfort really is key. Now more than ever.


All out colourful print…











Texture meets print…




And then stripes… I love black and white stripes…







Remember, being preggers isn’t an excuse to let yourself go… werk bitch.

I don’t think I’m doing badly 😉 …




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